Elderly and Aging

Hearing Loss Association of America

The site offers both educational and support services to those with hearing loss.

Website: www.hearingloss.org

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Leading Age

Leading Age is a non-profit that offers consumer information about aging services planning and selection.

Website: www.leadingage.org

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National Association for Home Care & Hospice

Nat’l Assoc for Home Care and Hospice is a non-profit trade group that provides free information on how to select a care giver.

Website: www.nahc.org

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SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is a government supported program that provides a free cell phone and airtime each month to income-eligible customers.

Website:  www.safelinkwireless.com

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Social Security Administration

The government’s site for social security benefits. 

Website: www.ssa.gov

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This membership organization offers consumer protection information, news, advocacy and discounts for people 50 and older. A $12.50 annual membership fee is charged per person or couple.

Website: www.aarp.org

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Benefits Check Up

This site, from the National Council on Aging, provides various free benefits checking tools to see what assistance you may be eligible for in housing, medical services, prescriptions, legal services, utilities, taxes and more

Website: www.benefitscheckup.org

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Choice Trust

This Consumer Reporting Agency provides reports including tenant reports, employment reports and C.L.U.E. reports on insurance claims you have made. Landlords, potential employers and insurance companies can use these reports. The same site also allows you to order reports to check on medical providers, nursing homes, and run a background check on a variety of service providers such as child care workers or contractors.

Website: www.choicetrust.com

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Directory of Regulatory Boards

Know about the qualifications of those you are dealing with! This web site lets you access, by state, the governmental bodies and private associations that regulate and certify people in various professions including accounting, nursing, medicine, insurance, social work, marriage counseling, funeral services, real estate and insurance, to name just a few. Click on resources, then click on Directory of Regulatory Boards and Colleges.

Website: www.clearhq.org

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Electronic Transfer (Direct Deposit) Accounts

This government site is designed to help you learn more about the ETA and Direct Deposit and why you should use them. The search feature will help you find ETA Provider locations close to you where you can enroll.

Website: www.eta-find.gov

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