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SHARE is not a charity, but a community-based food program that offers quality groceries (not surplus or donated food) at a savings of 50 to 60%. Share does this by buying in bulk and using volunteers to sort and distribute the food. Share is not based on income, so anyone can participate. Users choose meats and other foods from monthly selections. Share asks that users donate 2 hours of community service in return. Share is available in many, but not all areas. If the program is not in your area, you may organize a group and pick up your boxes by pickup truck load. Buy as many boxes as you want. Prices are about $18.00 per box and up, varying by state. Below is a list of areas and links where Share is available, but these are constantly expanding.

SHARE1-619-590-1692 for:

  • California

SHARE 1-800-344-1107 for:

  • Iowa¬
  • Nebraska
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • South Dakota

SHARE 1-800-595-3663 for:

  • Pennsylvania
    New Jersey
    Metro NYC

SHARE 1-800-21-SHARE for:

  • Washington DC

SHARE 1-800-548-2124 for:

  • Wisconsin

Share 1-757-596-7188 for:

Southeast Virginia

Sharefor All – 1-800-582-4291 for:


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United Way

In 36 states you can dial 211or can use a web form to contact your local United Way charity for a network of local social agencies.


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