Housing Information

Benefits Check Up

This site, from the National Council on Aging, provides various free benefits checking tools to see what assistance you may be eligible for in housing, medical services, prescriptions, legal services, utilities, taxes and more

Website: www.benefitscheckup.org

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Choice Trust

This Consumer Reporting Agency provides reports including tenant reports, employment reports and C.L.U.E. reports on insurance claims you have made. Landlords, potential employers and insurance companies can use these reports. The same site also allows you to order reports to check on medical providers, nursing homes, and run a background check on a variety of service providers such as child care workers or contractors.

Website: www.choicetrust.com

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Financial Stability

This web site, jointly sponsored by the White House and Treasury Department, has the latest press releases and details on the President’s Making Home Affordable initiatives.

Website: www.financialstability.gov

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Foreclosure Counseling

This web site offers free resources aimed at foreclosure prevention.

Phone: 1-800-995-HOPE
Website: www.foreclosurehelpandhope.org

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Federal web site for the President’s mortgage modification program. This site provides information and lets users determine whether or not they are eligible for current programs.

Website: www.makinghomeaffordable.gov

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National Low Income Housing Coalition

A wonderful source for the latest legislative news and both federal and local housing programs.

Website: www.nlihc.org

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National Shared Housing Organization

A clearinghouse of information for people looking to find a shared housing organization in their community or to help get a program started.

Shared housing programs include:
Match-up programs, to help home providers find a compatible home seeker to pay rent or possibly provide services in exchange for a reduction in rent. Also shared living residences, which involve a number of people living cooperatively as an unrelated family in a large dwelling.

Website: www.nationalsharedhousing.org

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NeighborWorks America

NeighborWorks America is a non-profit organization created by Congress to support local organizations in revitalizing communities. This web site offers the public links to other sources of information as well as a way to look up a member organization in your area. Select the “site map” or “NeighborWorks Lookup” from the red menu items on the left.

Website: www.nw.org

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Reverse Mortgages (for Age 62+)

Reverse mortgages allow older homeowners to stay in their homes and receive additional income from their home’s value. Reverse mortgages can be a good solution but they can also have high costs and other burdens. This site provides consumer information on reverse mortgages from the National Center for Home Equity Conversion, the only independent, non-profit organization specializing only in reverse mortgage education and analysis.

Website: www.reverse.org

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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Federal Government’s site for all issues related to home ownership including “Nine Steps to home ownership” with a calculator to show you how to know what you can afford, tips on avoiding foreclosure, etc. Available in Spanish.

Website: www.hud.gov

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