Disability Resources

American Foundation for the Blind

This site has a search engine to find organizations that provide services to the visually impaired and their families, as well as offering information about living with vision loss, technology and education.

Website: www.afb.org

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Americans with Disabilities Act Site

This site gives all information about the ADA, including links to other agencies charged with enforcing parts of the ADA, and a guide to disabilities rights law.

Website: www.ada.gov

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College Guide for Disabled Students

College resource guide for disabled students put together by BestColleges.com. Very informative guide that explains legal rights for students with disabilities (both physical and learning) as well as listing helpful web sites, apps, and software resources that are available.

website: www.bestcolleges.com/resources/disabled-students/

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Department of Labor’s Disability Resources

From the home page of the Department of Labor, click on disability resources for information and links to a wide variety of information including employers’ legal responsibilities to the disabled and employment training opportunities for the disabled, including grant programs.

Website: www.dol.gov

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The federal government’s website to connect those with disabilities to information and opportunities on a wide variety of topics.

Website: www.disability.gov

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Disabled American Veterans

This non-profit organization helps disabled veterans with an assortment of programs.

Website: www.dav.org

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George Washington University Heath Resource Center

The Heath Resource Center provides is an online clearinghouse for information for individuals with disabilities on the topic of college and graduate education.  The information offered includes educational disability support services, accessing college or university campuses, career-technical schools, financial assistance, scholarships, and materials that help students with disabilities transition into college, university, career-technical schools, or other postsecondary programs.

Website: www.heath.gwu.edu

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Hearing Loss Association of America

The site offers both educational and support services to those with hearing loss.

Website: www.hearingloss.org

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Paralyzed Veterans of America

While the site is for veterans, it also offers general information helpful to non-veterans on spinal cord disease and injury and legal rights.

Website: www.pva.org

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Social Security Administration

The government’s site for social security benefits. 

Website: www.ssa.gov

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