The National Mortgage Settlement

The National Mortgage Settlement – Information for Current and Former Home Mortgage Borrowers

The National Mortgage Settlement is the largest consumer financial protection settlement in US history, covering 49 states and the nation’s 5 biggest mortgage servicers.  The settlement provides up to $25 billion directly to state and federal government but also to distressed borrowers. 

To allow current and former home mortgage borrowers to determine whether their loans are affected by this settlement, the timeline for relief, and other eligibility questions, the Executive Office of the United States Trustee and other governmental offices involved in the settlement have posted information on several websites set out below. 

  1. The United States Trustee Program’s website concerning the National Mortgage Settlement, which includes Frequently Asked Questions:
  2. The website of the Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight at:
  3. The website of the Executive Committee of the State Attorneys General: