Non Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

If you do not intend to file for bankruptcy, and want to receive free financial counseling, read all of the information below.

Hummingbird cannot give you legal advice. Hummingbird does not offer debt consolidation or debt settlement services. Hummingbird cannot refer you to any particular company, but we can give you tips about how to select a company for debt consolidation. If you want information on debt consolidation payment plans, click here. If you want information about other financial alternatives, click here.

If you want to proceed with free, non-bankruptcy financial counseling, continue here. You will be directed to an Internet program that will give you a budget analysis, analysis of your living expenses and information about financial alternatives available to you. Our Learning Center has additional information including video, articles and consumer resources.
We hope this is helpful to you!

I have read this page and wish to continue. I understand I will not be able to use this counseling for bankruptcy purposes. 

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