Answered Questions

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What should I tell my clients before they start your program?

Use of our program does not require affiliation with us or affiliation with a registered user. A fee for a session is only incurred when you, as Registered User, login to obtain the consumer's certificate. Pulling up the consumer's session under your Registered User login is what associates the consumer's certification with your office. You and your clients may access Hummingbird's Credit Counseling session without charge, you will only be charged when you finalize a session under your attorney login.

B.A. District Clients Only: Hummingbird's Application and Affidavit must be completed for all clients, but there is no email or telephone component.

How do I retrieve my clients' certificates?

Login as a Registered User

The "Admin Login" link is where you and your staff will login to retrieve your clients' certificate. When you click on "Admin Login", select NC, AL or All Other States then login using only lowercase letters.

Accessing Client Certificates

Once you have logged in, you will see a menu of attorney master applications. To finalize a certification, select the "Finalize Certification Data" option. To review a past certification that has been completed, you will select, "Search for a Consumer's Certification." There is also an option to "Edit Account Information." Under this section, you may create new usernames and passwords for your staff, or change any account information for your firm. You will see an option to "Flag Certification as Pro Bono." Information entered under this link will alert our staff that you are representing this client at no charge, so our services will be free as well.

Finalizing Your Client's Certification

After clients complete the Internet sessions, they need to bring their Control Number to your office, as well as the certification fee. You hold the fee in trust; when the certification is finalized, we will charge the credit card that we have on file for your firm.

Login with your username and password, click on "Finalize Certification Data", and enter the Control Number. A budget summary for your client will be displayed. Click on the "Finalize" button and select "Client Certification." The certification is a PDF file, and can be printed and/or attached to your electronic filing.

What if I am handling this case Pro Bono? Will I have to pay the fee for the client?

If you are providing your services to the client at no charge, so are we. You will not be billed for Pro Bono cases.

What does it cost to register with your service?

There are no registration or service fees to be a Registered User.

What Clients Are Saying

My clients have been using Hummingbird since the law changed and I have been very pleased with how the service operates both from my perspective and the clients. It is helpful while not being unduly burdensome on the client. I would certainly recommend it.

Travis Sasser
Bankruptcy Attorney
Cary, N.C.