Meet More Prospects Using LinkedIn

Get more leads from LinkedIn

Hummingbird GA makes it easy to find and engage with high value leads using LinkedIn

Hummingbird GA has developed a prospecting process, that allows you to engage and meet more people on LinkedIn

How It Works

Save time with a proven process

Our team has spent thousands of hours creating a proven sales technique and process that is helping our clients meet more people using LinkedIn. The Hummingbird process will allow you to engage correctly and stay top of mind with your ideal prospects.


Hand-pick your audience

Our staff will help you discover and build your dream future customer list. And determine the best way to qualitatively approach this group!

Stand out from the crowd

Delight your prospects with value-driven, personal outreach. Most people use Linked In as a way to push old-school marketing. Our team understands that Linked In is a social media platform, meaning that you must engage with your prospects. We will use our experience in this space to develop a process of conversation that is value-driven, leaving your prospects curious about the possibilities of engaging with you and your company!

Focus on high value opportunities

Double down on what’s working for your business. Our team will help you prioritize your high-value prospects, and help you create a sales cycle that keeps you top of mind.

Compliance Friendly

Our team often works closely with compliance and advisors to implement successful strategies and create a safe environment for communication for both clients and advisors!


"Hummingbird put me in front of my ideal clients. I did $14,500 of revenue in my 1st month using the software and brought over $4 Million of AUM."

Brandon M

Financial Advisor in AZ

"Hummingbird is flooding my inbox with leads. Set two calls with Harvard alums in 2 days using the software.

Strongly Recommended!" 

Jack C

Financial Advisor in NY

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